The Society's Schools play an important role in the national education system. Their very independence and relatively small size enables them to initiate new developments, to form close partnerships with parents and to provide a stable and structured learning environment. Care for the individual child is at the heart of all Society schools.

Schools that belong to the Society are also characterised by their small class sizes, high academic standards, the breadth of education that they offer and by a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

All of our schools have sixth-forms, most are co-educational but others are single sex boys or girls. About 60% offer boarding and many are all through schools providing continuity of education from Nursery to university entrance. A number of our schools are at the leading edge of education in music, dance and the arts; and several are well known for their effective support for those with specific learning difficulties.

Scholarships and means tested Bursaries are offered by many of our schools. For more information on these and to find a school in your area, please use the tab "Member Schools" at the top of the page.

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